“I can not say enough wonderful things about Melissa. I needed help completely restyling my daughters bedroom. From paint to bedding to artwork. I wanted to give her a room that was more “adult” and something that she would be proud of. All this was to be a surprise for her birthday and I only had a couple weeks to complete the job. I knew I needed help and Melissa came to the rescue. I am always a little hesitant when hiring a professional that we will end up with their vision instead of mine. I could not have been more wrong. I worried for nothing! She really listened to everything, kept me on track and helped me organize my thoughts and ideas. The room turned out better than I had ever thought it could. It is beautiful and my daughter is over the moon happy! Working with Melissa was incredible. She really made the project fun with her energy and positive attitude. I could not have done it without her.”

— Julie P.

“I am extremely satisfied with In Chic Order’s services. Melissa recognizes the value of extraordinary service, thrives to maintain that, and shows professional concern for the quality of work performed. Most importantly, she was willing to disagree with me when she believed in a paint color! I can’t thank her enough for her honesty. I am thrilled with the colors Melissa picked out. My house looks fantastic. Thank you. Thank you.”

— Alicia W.

“I shared with Melissa my vision and budget. She, in turn, learned my tastes and preferences. Together we worked to style my entry way. I trusted Melissa’s expertise and found it easy to step out of my ‘comfort zone’ and be open new and fresh ideas. Her stylistic suggestions were spot on and her commitment to creating exactly what I imagined was always her focus and goal. I can’t wait for our next project together!”

— Robin Y.

“Melissa and I worked together to restyle 5 areas of my home, the kitchen, living area, game room, formal living, and entry way. I did not know the direction in which I wanted to go, Melissa directed me on furniture placement, accessorizing, and finding those pieces that would complete my space. In the kitchen we repurposed and accessorized above the cabinets and reorganized the pantry. She created a space that has been easy to maintain by all 6 of our family members. We love the spaces she recreated for us. She is easy to work with, non judgmental, and fun. I would hire her in a snap. ”

— Darcy R.

“Working with Melissa @In Chic Order was a wonderful experience for me. I was hoping to find a solution for a space in my garage where I could keep all the family’s shoes, jackets, and school things organized. Melissa came in and quickly presented me with great, functional, affordable options for me to organize and make the most of my space. Once I made my selections, she transformed my problem area to not only an organized space, but one with style too! The best part of working with Melissa was her upbeat, positive attitude, and the way she helps guide you in making decisions without pressuring you along the way. There is no doubt she is passionate about what she does, and I appreciated her hard work in helping me love my home even more.”

— Robin M.

“I just recently moved into a house that has a very small pantry. I had tried several different ways to make the space work for my family but it was impossible. I decided to use a professional organizer. I called Melissa and she came over to measure and asses the project. Right away I could tell she was going to do a great job! She did all the shopping for the supplies (passing along her discount!) and knowing I was anxious to get started, began the very next day. She was very friendly, energetic and easy to work with. Most importantly, she was fast and efficient! She came in way under budget! I was also impressed that the items she picked up fit so perfectly without wasted space. Another bonus, she incorporated some of the bins I already had, again saving me money. The end result was far better than I could have ever hoped for or expected with what I thought was an “impossible” space. I am a very happy client and will definitely be using her for my next project!”

— Jennifer S.

“My craft room was the catchall, the dumping ground for everything in the house that did not have a home. After being in our home for two years it was time to tackle the task of getting it organized. I did not know where to begin and was buying the latest and greatest things to get the room organized. I hired Melissa who came up with a plan of action to help me organize the vast amount of “Stuff” into a workable system. Her layout of the room was refreshing & inviting, her organizational skills of the utmost, and the decorating tips a real bonus in pulling the room together! Without a doubt the craft room is now my favorite room in the house! It is soothing, clutter free and a great space to allow my creative juices to flow! Thank you Melissa from the bottom of my heart!”

— Robin H.

“Melissa Clark, from In Chic Order, organized my pantry. I didn’t think it would make a big difference but it really does. It is organized in a way that is not only functional but it makes it possible for me to keep it organized. I can find things when I need them, as can my family, and it’s a breeze to maintain. My mom, who lives out of town, was amazed when she saw it the first time. My own son, who is organizationally challenged like me said, “Wow, Mom, we need to thank Mrs. Clark for our new pantry. It’s awesome!” I would highly recommend Melissa for all your organizing and decorating needs. She will make sure it’s done right. ”

— Liz B.

“I would highly recommend Melissa for any interior needs! When I called her, I was on a tight budget but wanted to make some changes to my foyer area and dining room. She was able to move some of my existing furniture into other areas of the house that I would have NEVER considered. She also helped me make some major changes without breaking the bank. She gave me some ideas for trim work and paint colors that were perfect additions to our home. I appreciated how excited she was to help with my project… She has a real heart for her clients!”

— Angie W.

“I hired Melissa for design help. My husband and I wanted a model home feel. We are both army brats and are used to moving around quite a bit and have not taken the time to decorate. It was tough to decide where to begin. Teal is our favorite color, but nothing in our home was teal!”

“There are way too many color choices out there and and Melissa made choosing paint colors effortless! There was no flow throughout our home. Melissa created “flow” and smooth transitions with paint. She chose colors for our entire house and now the whole house coordinates.”

“I was willing to take risks and she steered me in the right direction! We painted our upstairs game room black, something I never would have done without her guidance! At night, the walls seem to disappear and when looking out the windows you feel as though you are outside gazing at the stars, it’s pretty cool! Our media room is teal (totally teal by Glidden), the office is a dark and moody blue gray (Knoxville Gray), the dining a soothing shade of lighter blue gray (Sea Haze), the common areas a fresh neutral up-to-date beige (Manchester Tan) and my bedroom is the most soothing shade of blue/gray-green (Quiet Moments).”

“She also made other design suggestions and has made it easy for me to finish decorating on my own. There are several other things we want/need to change in time. Melissa definitely got us on the right track. She is easy and fun to work with. She truly cares about her clients. And to boot, when she is out and about she snaps pictures of things she thinks might work in your space. ”

— Cassie R.