Design Services Rates:

  • 10 hour Design package
  • Hourly rate after the 10 hour minimum has been met
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Paint color selection
  • Determine job requirements and things needed to complete your space
  • Make decisions on repurposing, repositioning, and moving existing elements in your space
  • Discuss ideas for the space that you can incorporate yourself or hire "In Chic Order" to implement. This assessment will NOT be a written document.

Organizing Rates:

  • 10 hour organizing package
  • Hourly rate after the 10 hour minimum has been met
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Space Planning and Layout


  • Payment:  Cash, Check, Credit Cards
50% deposit is due prior to our first meeting and the remainder is due at the first meeting.   Packages are non-refundable and expire after 1 year. Cancellation Policy:  3 hour minimum charge of $255 with less than 48 hours notice.  If you need to cancel please call me @ 512-773-3841.    

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Do you wish your home were a better reflection of who you are? After a long day, wouldn’t it be great to come home to a space you are excited to relax in? Nothing is more inspiring than a well designed and organized “space”. Do you need help bringing your vision to life? Are you lacking vision? Maybe the things in your space need to be repurposed, redesigned, and reworked so that you love them again? Let’s work together to create a home you love and enjoy!!


An organized life is Centered, Calm, Balanced, and in Control! Organization buys you time giving you MORE TIME to enjoy the things you LOVE: Family, Hobbies, Relationships & MORE! Creating a clutter free home DECREASE STRESS, increases your self esteem and confidence! You’ll SAVE TIME hunting and searching for things. You’ll SAVE MONEY not purchasing multiples of the same item simply because they were misplaced or hidden! Organization is key in moving your life forward and creating an environment you LOVE! Let me help you!

Paint Consultations

Paint is transformative! It has the ability to give an old space new life, make outdated furniture look new and drab cabinets fresh. Does something seem off in your space and you’re not sure why? Are your colors working together or fighting one another? In Chic Order believes that paint plays a big role in enhancing a rooms personality! Do you need help choosing color from thousands of choices? Let’s breathe new life into your space, let me help you with your paint color selections!